Our Story

In 2014 our 5-year-old ASD son was diagnosed with cancer, Ganglio Neuroblastoma. 

At the time I knew it wasn’t my fault but I still blamed myself as a mother for failing in protecting him (it was an extremely emotional time) I was an absolute mess. To keep my mind occupied I signed up to 4 online courses in a week which i never completed…I then went on a cupboard cleanout spree throwing things out of my pantry that contained numbers, preservatives, etc.

Spice Mixes were a big part of our cooking and I threw out all the store brought ones as they had fillers, anti-caking agents in them.  One night I wanted to cook tacos and realized i had no Taco Seasoning – I went online and started looking at recipes. I had all the basic ingredients and thought i can do this… from there i started creating my own blends for my family and this is what saved my sanity during this time and kept me busy and gave me something else to focus on.

It was then I dedicated myself into making my own herb & spice blends for our family – not only did I love it but I also feel as though it saved me from myself and gave me a diversion from what was happening in our lives.

The tumor was removed and our son has now been in remission for 7 years.

With the encouragement of my husband Steve,  in 2015 I decided I wanted to share my creations with others, I got my food licence and started attending local markets where I lived at the time.

I named my business Steve’s Clandestine Spyce Co after my husband – he’s my # fan and supporter. Always encouraging me to do whatever it is I want to do.

Clandestine means ‘top secret’ and Spyce is just a play on the word Spice and keeping with the theme of secret agent (I always wanted to be a private investigator – in another life maybe!)

We collect herbs & spices fresh from local growers and farmers all over Australia, some we dehydrate ourselves others are done for us. You will definitely smell the difference between ours and those which are using imported ingredients.  

My goal is to  create herb and spice blends using only Australian grown ingredients. So far i have 10 products that are 100% Aussie grown ingredients, and a few more within the 90% range.

Simone - Owner, Herb & Spice Creator

Simone - Owner, Herb & Spice Creator

Steve - Official Taste Tester & Sauce Maker

Steve - Official Taste Tester & Sauce Maker