Frequently Asked

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Where is Steve's Clandestine Spyce Co Located?

Steve’s Clandestine Spyce Co is located in Maryborough QLD on the Fraser Coast near beautiful Hervey Bay.


Do you create your own herb & spice blends?

Yes we do. 

We grind and blend all of our seasonings, this way we know exactly what the ingredients are guaranteeing quality and no hidden nasty additives or preservatives from you.


Where do all of your herbs & spices come from?

Our priority is to obtain Australian-grown herbs and spices from farmers and growers locally and all over the country.

We do have a small number of herbs we grow ourselves.

When we can’t do this we support local businesses and purchase via them. Their herbs and spices are imported from all over the world. 

All sauces, seasoning blends and flavoured salts are made by us and have the percentage on them of what is Australian grown ingredients.


How long will my spices last?

Spices don’t expire but they do lose their quality in aroma and flavour fairly quickly if not stored right.  Stored correctly they will last longer than 1 year in air-tight containers and salts will last indefinitely. 
Do not store a variety of spices together as this will contaminate each blend’s aroma.


Do you offer specialty orders?

Yes we do. 

Some of our customers are unable to have certain spices so upon request we craft blends to suit their dietary needs at no extra cost.


Are Steve's Clandestine Spyce Co's seasoning blends Gluten-Free?

Yes, all of the products are gluten-free.
They are also preservative and additive-free. No MSG, No Soy, No artificial colours or flavours.


How do I store my spices?

The flavour of spices will be extended if stored in a cool, dark, dry place and out of the sunlight.
Avoid clear spice jars and store in an airtight tin, canister or tinted jar.
The cupboard is an excellent place to store your spices – be sure to keep them away from the stove/oven or dishwasher to avoid heat, moisture and condensation. 



Our blends do not contain anti-caking agents or preservatives so some will clump together sometimes due to the dampness and humidity in the air.

Do not throw them away.
Even though it might do this there is nothing wrong with your spices so all you need to do is to crush them up using your hand, coffee grinder, rolling pin, or the back of a spoon.

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